The proposed Eyethu Skate Park will form a unique skating environment, specifically designed and created to address the community’s needs and its skater’s desires.

The design proposal encompasses an overall area of approximately 1600 sqm that includes additional space for multi-purpose courts and a spectators lounging area. The skate park itself will form a dedicated 900sqm space with a progression from beginners’ area to an advanced area.

Concrete will be utilised as the primary construction material due to its resilience and durability – a far better resource than timber and with little upkeep and maintenance required.

The spectator’s area will have a panoramic vantage point over the soccer field, the skate plaza, the multi-purpose courts and also a play area with facilities geared for younger children.

A number of these additional features take into account the needs of women and girls in the community who currently lack safe places to socialise and exercise. The entire park aims to facilitate an integrated community through the addition of these key facilities, instilling a sense of togetherness for all.

The park will also prove suitable for other community events and sports events – a gathering and meeting place for many.



Skate Park_November Render


October Entrance_final copy

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