Signed and Sealed

by Peter Dutton

5 February 2016 marks a great achievement for Rotary Hout Bay and the Eyethu Hout Bay Skatepark! The lease agreement for the land to build the Skatepark on at the end of the football fields across from SAPS is finally singned and sealed! The signatories were Wendy Pinder, Gerrit Strydom and Peter Dutton [on behalf of Rotary Club of Hout Bay] with ratification signature to be appended shortly by the City’s Executive Director: Community Services, Mrs Lokiwe Mtwazi. The vision to create a community space where people from all walks of life can safely share common interests through skating and other activities was originally the brainchild of Hout bay local and pro skate boarded Matthew Johnson. After a Facebook post he made outlining his idea was taken up by Rotary Hout Bay, the vision starting becoming a reality.

We are now able to forge ahead with fund raising! Rotary Hout Bay shall be embarking on this very shortly and will announce ways and means of funding and donations!

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Peter Dutton

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