Breaking It Down

by Vicki Scheffel - Founder, Twyne & Fabriek

Having a dedicated space that is free for all is truly awesome. But what is the essence of the Eyethu Skate park and where did the inspiration for the name and the logo come from?

EYETHU is a Nguni word meaning ours. It is also an affirmation of shared ownership or partnership. With this in mind, the Eyethu Skate park initiative came to life. It is the promise of a truly public space for the community to use and to promote youth development. A safe space where people from all walks of life can share and experience common interests through skating and other sporting activities. A place created by the people, for the people.

A half pipe is probably one of the most simple and easily identifiable structures in the world of skateboarding. With this in mind the “Y” of the word EYETHU has been used to create a representation of a half pipe in the logo for the Eyethu Skate Park. The two “E”’s have both been placed facing inward – this also symbolise “seeing eye to eye” – seeing each other, facing our challenges and acknowledging our differences but celebrating the strong pillar of “ONENESS” we are striving for through creating this skate park, they form the solid foundation on which this half-pipe rests. This solid foundation is also a symbol of the vision of a safe public space for the residents of Hout Bay.

A park built for the people by the people where common experiences can be shared and the community can safely come together, this is where it’s all happening!

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Vicki Scheffel - Founder, Twyne & Fabriek
Vicki Scheffel - Founder, Twyne & Fabriek

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